Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Taste of London

I was in London for business this weekend, and my wife Susana and I were excited to sample the local cuisine.

Our destination for lunch on Sunday was St. John’s Restaurant, located on Commercial Street in the Hoxton/Spitalfields area of London. It's among the new breed of restaurants in London that mixes intelligence, charm, and tasty Continental flavors with farm animals, the the source of classic British cooking.

Vegans beware. St. John's is all about meat. Every bit of the meat. When they talk about “nose to tail eating,” they aren't joking.

Susana ordered Onglet & Beetroot – the beef was cooked perfectly, and the beet salad was the perfect accompaniment. I had the “Bath Chop” – the meat was taken from the head and cheeks of a pig, along with some fat, and cooked in a roll and cut into patties. It was served alongside a wonderful mustard-seasoned dandelion and greens salad – again, the perfect compliment to the Bath Chop.

The dessert was delicious: Steamed Treacle Sponge for two. It was truly light, warm and moist, and perfectly sweet with the treacle sauce and light cream. Simply amazing.

And did I mention the great wine selection?

St. John's Bread and Wine is one of the two restaurants Fergus Henderson has in London. Next time you're in town, it's an excellent dining experience that should not be missed. Truth be told, St. John's gives the best French restaurants a run for their money.

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