Sunday, November 18, 2007

TechCrunch Boston -- A Happenin' Networking Event

Around 7-800 people attended TechCrunch Boston on Friday night. It was the best party of the year in the 128 startup-land. There was an army of entrepreneurs in attendance who offered great convo’s, lubricated by lots of beer, martinis, other drinks and great food.

I think it is important to note that IDG Ventures sponsored it and Mike Arrington and the TechCrunch folks organized it. With parties like this one, we can stem the tide of university grads seeking employment and a social life in the Silicon Valley. There was a strong consumer Internet presence, thanks in part to the IDG folks, who recognized the importance of addressing this area of historical weakness in Boston venture funding. Among the IDGers there, I talked with Michael Greeley, Chip Hazard, Jon Karlen and bloggers Jeff Bussgang and David Aronoff.

Others from the finance community in attendance included Michael Skok from North Bridge Venture Partners, Lucy McQuilken from Intel Capital, and Charley Lax from Grandbanks Capital, and John Prendergast from Jefferies Broadview. Also, there were a lot of PR people in attendance, including Ross Levanto, Maura Fitzgerald, and others.

From the blogosphere and related spheres Steven Woit, Pito Salas (his company is BlogBridge and blog), Chris Herot (his company is Zingdom and blog), Scott Kirsner (Boston Globe), Doc Searls, and my good friend, Don Dodge from Microsoft. These guys are heroic bloggers because of the fresh, original content they bring to their blogs.

Kudos to the party givers.

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