Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Birthday BDS!

Many of you know the story: I was vacationing with family in Cancun, Mexico on December 27, 2002 and while suntanning and reading on the beach, I had the idea for Black Duck Software. I left the beach and went to my room. Two days later I emerged with a technology, financing and go-to-market plan that served as the company´s business plan. That was five (5!) years ago. Time has flown but what joy! I loved every moment.

Today Black Duck is a robust company with 85 employees, a beautiful balance sheet and an array of great business accomplishments. For instance, we just completed another record quarter. We have well over four hundred (400!) customers including many prominent enterprises, government and technology customers located in the North America and internationally.

The best part: Our people. I get comments from customers, partners, resellers, advisers, attorneys, analysts and others about Black Duck employees. Its pretty consistent: Smart, technical, polite, hard-driving and high integrity. More than the original idea, business model, technology, financial backing and other factors, the employees of Black Duck have made a world of difference.

That is, IMHO, our critical differentiator in the market and industry. When I look around at company meetings and other gatherings, it makes me so proud to count myself as a member of the Black Duck Software team. The bright shiny faces reflect all the qualities that people outside the company see and more. Those faces represent the qualities of people who will help us realize our next stage of growth starting on January 2nd, 2008.

So Happy Birthday Black Duck Software! and many, many happy returns.

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