Saturday, December 1, 2007

A new face for an old friend

Evolution happens when you least expect it. And sometimes it forces you to rename your blog.

Long story short, recently I was looking for ways of improving my blog when I happened across a couple of CEO blogs. They got me to take a long, hard look at my blog. Before I knew it, Blougtopia was a distant memory and Doug Levin's CEO Blog was unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.

Don't get nervous about the new name. This won't be just any CEO blog. Honest. You see, my new goal as a blogging CEO is attaining “Godiness.” Or getting as close as any human being can.

The term Godiness comes from Seth Godin, former CEO of Yoyodyne (before he sold it to Yahoo) and marketing blogger extraordinaire. Blogging back in 2004 -- at a time when most people thought a blog was the place where you got cranberries -- Godin warned his readers about CEO blogs. He said the following: “Here's the problem. Blogs work when they are based on: Candor, Urgency, Timeliness, Pithiness and Controversy, (maybe Utility if you want six). Does this sound like a CEO to you?”

I want to prove that Seth's got CEO blogs – or at least my CEO blog – all wrong. So I’m going to try to live up to Seth’s ideals and show the world that CEO blogs can deliver true ROI. Through my newly renamed blog, I will continue to to delve deeper into the blogging mindset as I try to achieve Godiness.

It won't be easy at times. Sometimes I'll feel like phoning it in – or at least using too many compound adjectives. But you can help. In those immortal words of songstress Dionne Warwick, say a little prayer for me. And please keep reading.

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