Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jonathan Kraft at the Vilna Shul

Tonight Jonathan Kraft – the president and chief operating officer of the Kraft Group, the holding company of the Kraft family’s varied business interests, and also the president of the three-time Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots – was the featured speaker at the historic Vilna Shul.

The Kraft Group has diversified interests including a huge paper and packaging manufacturing and forest products distribution operation, a sports and entertainment business, and a real estate development company. Additionally, they are involved in private equity investing – especially in early stage technology companies that are synergistic with the other companies in the Kraft Group, and philanthropy.

Jonathan painted very compelling pictures of leveraging the lessons the Krafts learned building a $1 billion packaging business, and their applications, to build the Patriots into a football super-power. He also reflected on his family and personal involvement with Judaism and charity. Jonathan made the evening wonderful by being insightful and offering a wonderfully candid insight into his businesses and NFL football.

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