Friday, March 14, 2008

The AGPL is now OSI Approved

Today the OSI announced that they had approved the Affero General Public License (AGPL 3.0).

According to Mark Radcliffe, attorney with DLA Piper, “the AGPL can be very useful for companies that are concerned that their software will be modified and then used to provide services without having the modifications returned to the community.” For more information, see his blog post here.

So far the following companies or projects have adopted the AGPL, according to the Black Duck KnowledgeBase and Open Source Resource Center: 3rd-space, AJAX Chat - Open Source Web Chat, Eastwood Chart Servlet, Eyes of Lynx, Funambol, Infonomix, LogiLogi Gallery Generator, MyTab, OgOg, PBooks - Open Source Accounting, ProcessMaker Open Source, Tine 2.0, Tournament Pool and Bracket Tracker, Wikidot, allocPSA, hyperdump, plutext-server, and sovix. This is not a huge number of adoptions but there could be more since now the license has been officially approved.

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