Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dogs at the Duck

Alex is one of the newest members of the Black Duck family. He’s not a full-time employee, contractor, or vendor. He’s not in marketing, sales or engineering.

He’s a puppy.

Trent, a 100% Golden Retriever, remains one of the loves of my life. He is 11½ years old and showing the effects of aging. He’s not
as frisky as he used to be, and he seems to sleep more, but he's just as loving. We enjoy watching lots of football during the weekends, but he’s very particular when we go out for a walk. The stops he makes are very deliberate and no longer random.

Alex is a wonderful mix of Golden Retriever and Yellow Labrador, with a great disposition. He’s got big paws and a nice-sized head. He’s going to be huge when fully grown.

I’m not the only person in the office whose fallen for this dog. Everyone adores him.

He faithfully follows Fred, Black Duck’s manager of IT, around the office, in and out of the server room, around the QA section, and into engineering.

Alex is an office phenom much like “Network” was an office phenom at Sun. While Sun's mantra "The Network is the Computer'' resonated around the globe during the Internet bubble, Sun got great points from dog lovers and others for involving “Network” in their advertising and PR.

Here at Black Duck, Trent has been a part of company life since the beginning, but Alex is definitely the “new school” dog who's making his mark. And that’s totally fine with me.

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