Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Parable

In late 2002 a band called “The Happy Guys Band” formed in the Boston area. The founder of this band wanted to solve interesting musical problems and build a great band based on integrity and hard work. He had a vision that the band would tour the world, bringing the music he loved to a variety of cultures and a mixture of people with various backgrounds, professional and otherwise. Having a single founder with a vision, real management experience, and values made it easier for this band to thrive.

Today, like back then, the founder of this band was a determined guy. He wanted to make things better for his band mates and the followers of his form of music. He was also patient. He knew that the music he loved was new and innovative, and that not everyone would understand or like it. But he persevered.

Over time, the Happy Guys became more and more successful. This made the founder of the Happy Guys especially happy because he loved the music industry and wanted all his friends who loved music to thrive and enjoy music of all kinds. His band’s success was based on a philosophy of hiring musicians who have a track record of turning out great, great music. Today the band is respected throughout the world because of its music. Each musician in the band could lead their own band, and they all love the journey they are on.

One day, a rival band accused the Happy Guys of stealing musical notes. Of course, musical notes can’t be owned by anyone. But the rival band knew how to make a fuss. And they were sure no one would notice that they had copied those notes themselves. Some people did believe the rival band. How can you blame them? Stealing is bad and that’s what they responded to. But they were not thinking about how music is really made and shared among all musicians.

That made the Happy Guys sad.

Luckily the music industry has a deep and unshakable sense of what is right and wrong. They know that you can’t own musical notes – and that the more people use and share music, the better for everyone. The Happy Guys were happy again and remained so ever after.

The end.

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