Wednesday, December 19, 2007


HP's has launched the "FOSSology" project with a "soft" launch yesterday. In late January, they will do a larger public announcement. To learn more about FOSSology, this is the site:

FOSSology is, as promised, an open source project released under GPL v2 and offered for free. We can now officially welcome HP to our market. FOSSology is a nice tool for developers. It will result in software developers being better informed about their use of GPL. That makes it a very worthy tool.

Nice work HP. Welcome.


bobg said...

Thanks Doug. We appreciate your welcome and enthusiasm. Several years ago, we started scanning for licenses in open source code we were distributing (mostly Red Hat, Suse, Debian distros). Since this is a critical function for us as well as anyone who redistributes, contributes to or uses open source, we wanted to do the community a service by making our code available under the gpl.

Thanks again for the welcome, and we are very happy to be here.

Bob Gobeille
FOSSology Maintainer

Botchagalupe said...

Could this be a fox in the hen house?